Can an Air Freshener Expire?

July 23, 2021 3 min read

Can an Air Freshener Expire?

When purchasing a new air freshener, we want to know that it will last for the duration of the bottle so that its scent can continue to intoxicate our senses.  That being said, we often get asked whether or not air fresheners expire, and if there is anything that can be done to keep them lasting for as long as possible.

Do Air Fresheners Expire?

Yes, air fresheners can indeed expire.  Fragrance molecules have a shelf life, after which they can degrade due to a process known as oxidization, which can cause them to essentially evaporate due to prolonged exposure to oxygen that is essentially inevitable.  Once an air freshener expires, that does not mean that it’s dangerous to use, but its smell may be off, or simply nonexistent, making it unable to do its job.

When Do Air Fresheners Expire?

The expiration date of an air freshener may be provided right on the packaging, which again doesn’t mean that the product is unsafe to use after a certain length of time, but means that it will no longer have the quality and strength that you’re looking for.  If this information isn’t available, you will have to use your nose as a guide.  An air freshener has expired when it no longer has the aroma that it had when you first bought it.  The smell may be a bit sour, or stale, or you may not really smell much of anything at all. 

What Can Make Some Expire Sooner Than Others?

Different air fresheners can expire at different rates, all due to various factors that influence how long the fragrance molecules can remain potent.

Factor #1: Ingredients

The ingredients make a huge difference, as some degrade faster than others.  Essential oils last for about a couple of years before degrading, while synthetic ingredients can vary dramatically in terms of how long the last, ranging from just a couple of months to several years.

#2: Age

You may have just purchased your bottle, but if it has been sitting in a warehouse for a year it may expire sooner than you think it will.  So, try to simply buy from a company that is known for selling highly rated products and look for reviews that give you an indication of freshness.

#3: Storage

How a product is stored also makes a massive difference.  Light, heat, and humidity are all antagonists to fragrance, causing oxidization to occur at a rapid pace.  Also, products that are not properly sealed will go stale quickly.

Keeping Your Air Freshener Stored for Maximum Longevity

If you want an air freshener that will last and last, simply do the following:

  • Go with one made with high-quality ingredients.
  • Keep it stored properly, as we recommend keeping your air freshener in a cool, dark, and dry place at all times to minimize oxidization. A closet, drawer or cabinet would be fine. 
  • Avoid leaving your air freshener outdoors or in a car, where extreme temperature changes can cause the molecules to degrade very quickly.
  • Always keep the bottle properly sealed when not in use, so that air cannot enter the product.

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