The Best Damn Air Freshener You Will ever Try, Period

Jacky O.

This is by far the best spray to use to cover up the smell of smoke. Its really strong and does not have harsh ingredients as I don't like to wait 30 mins to re enter a room.

Sandra F.

works perfectly. I used someone else's recommendation of squirting a few sprays in the toilet before a bowel movement. Better than anything else out there, one small spray and the scent lasts for a while

Amber D.

Best car sprays you can find. They are strong so two sprays on your mat will do. Dont spray on leather or even cloth seats. Close your doors and let the scent sit in and you'll love it. Customer service is great too.

Amanda B.

This air spray only takes a few sprays in front of my a/c blower and it smells through out the whole house. I use it for pet odors and when our house smells stale. The scents are pleasant. It does make the floors slippery from the oils but its still worth it to get over air fresheners in a can