10 Things to Look for When Buying an Air Freshener

July 11, 2021 4 min read

10 Things to Look for When Buying an Air Freshener

All of us want our homes and other daily environments like our cars and offices to smell nice, right?  The easiest way to achieve a glorious scent in your environment all day long is to invest in a high-quality air freshener spray that has the power to last for hours.  But, that’ easier said than done, because not all air fresheners are created equally.  Not only do scents vary widely from one product to the next, but there are key factors that should be considered to ensure maximum quality. 

What Should You Be Looking For?

Luckily, choosing the best air freshener for your needs is simply a matter of paying attention to these simple things below.

#1: An Agreeable Scent

Air fresheners come in a wide variety of fragrance options, and of course, it is important that you choose a fragrance that agrees with your tastes.  Are you into fruity scents that entice the appetite, or dark, woody aromas that add mystique to your surroundings?  Always make sure that a scent appeals to you before you buy, because otherwise, you may want to leave the room that you’ve sprayed it in.

Note: Some scents may only be compatible with certain environments – for instance, a fruity scent may be great in a car, but could get cloying if you’re smelling it all day in your home.  Consider where you want to spray and choose an aroma accordingly.

#2: A Complex Scent

Fragrances should have some complexity, meaning that they have more than a single aroma note.  Why?  Because if a note is too one-dimensional, your olfactory glands will likely get sick of it and no longer enjoy it.  Complex fragrances keep the senses aroused by unveiling each layer one at a time, always keeping the senses in a state of engagement.

Any quality air freshener fragrance will have an aroma pyramid, listing the top, middle and bottom notes that work together to offer a nuanced and complex scent overall.  The top notes dissipate the fastest, followed by the middle notes, leaving behind a base that lingers the longest.

#3: Naturally-Derived Scent

Artificial fragrances smell, well, artificial, and can therefore become irritating to the nose.  Further, some artificial fragrances can actually be harmful to breathe in, as some ingredients like those that have formaldehyde-type properties can disrupt the endocrine system.  Beyond that, naturally derived fragrances, like botanical extracts and essential oils, are simply higher in quality and will smell better and more realistic.  So, read those ingredients carefully to know exactly what it is that you’re smelling.

#4: Clean Ingredients

Yes, some air fresheners may contain more than fragrance ingredients alone.  There may be preservatives and dilution agents that allow the product to maintain a watery base that spreads through the air easily.  Always read the entire list of ingredients because you don’t want to be putting unwanted chemicals into your home.  Avoid any harsh synthetic ingredients that can be hard on the respiratory system, such as ingredients that are also found in common household cleaners, which add no real value to the air freshener’s quality or capabilities.

#5: The Right Consistency

An air freshener should have a thin enough consistency to cover a lot of area and spread easily throughout a room.  Make sure that the product you’re eyeing is liquidy, as thicker products may struggle to disperse easily throughout the environment you’re trying to scent. 

#6: An Efficient Spray Bottle

The packaging matters as well, especially when it comes to the spray bottle.  You want a spray nozzle that covers a large area and adequately sprays enough product per spritz to minimize the effort of scenting a room.  Test the spray bottle if you can in order to make sure that it sprays outward and covers a relatively wide area with each spritz.  If it dribbles or shoots liquid out in a stream, it’s not going to perform very well no matter how good it smells.

#7: Adequate Size

Because most people need to use multiple spritzes to have an actual effect on the smell of their surroundings, you want to choose a bottle that has enough liquid in it to last for a while.  Spray bottles with only a couple of ounces may give you only a few sessions before you have to restock, which simply isn’t efficient.  Choose a bottle size based on the size of the area you plan to spray, along with how frequently you will be spraying, to ensure that you get your money’s worth and don’t find yourself constantly ordering more when you could be doing other things with your time.

#8: Transparency

It is always crucial that the brand you buy from is transparent with customers about how they derive their ingredients, where their products are made, and other information that indicates the quality and integrity of the company.  Do not buy from a company with no online presence and no contact information, as this can indicate that they are trying to hide from customers.

#9: Its Strength

A fragrance that’s weak will hardly make an impact on your surroundings, while some fragrances can be too strong and irritate your nose or simply annoy you after several minutes.  Try testing a fragrance to see how it performs in a room.

#10: An Allergen-Free, Pet-Friendly Formula

You want to go with a formula that’s free of allergens that can cause allergic reactions.  Adding to that, look at the ingredients to make sure that they are safe for pets, both in terms of accidental ingestion and inhaling the fragrances during the day as excessively high concentrations of certain essential oils, including tea tree and peppermint, can be harmful to their kidneys.

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