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3 sprays will lasts about 2 days. in closed room of course.

Yes. You can contact us though the website or call 1-602-600-5600.

We currently have over 50 scents.

You can shop with confidence at rastaincense.com because our website has 124-bit security that encrypts your information to keep it safe.

All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours and delivered within three to six business days.

No. Free shipping only applies to packages shipped within the United States.

Contact us on the website or call 1-602-559-4054

Yes. All of the scents smell different.

We are located in Phoenix AZ, USA

Our Rasta Incense Air Freshener Fragrances are made of several ingredients. They can be all natural or synthetic or both. They have three main parts when be formulated or created.
You have the top, middle and bottom notes.
The top note is the first light odor you smell when evaluating a fragrance.
This is sweet, light fruity type odors.
The middle is also known as the body. This will be the complex part of the fragrance.
This will be the main ingredients that make it floral, woodsy, feminine or masculine
The bottom note is the lasting fragrance.
Mainly musk, cedar type odors

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All bottles of Rasta Incense Sprays are made of 1 oz. glass bottles with plastic sprayers.

If you dislike our Products for any reason just return all unused sellable portions back for a full refund.