Where to Avoid Spraying Air Fresheners On

July 09, 2021 3 min read

Where to Avoid Spraying Concentrated Car Air Fresheners On

Rasta Incense is proud of our alcohol-free, naturally scented air fresheners that can do wonders for your home, office and even your car.  These high-quality sprays emit intoxicating, complex fragrances that can give your home the scent that you’ve always wanted.  However, one thing to know is that they are simply not meant to be sprayed everywhere.  Because we use real essential oils in our air fresheners, they may stain certain surfaces of your home, and they may do damage to other types of materials.

Where Exactly Then Should You Not Be Spraying Air Freshener At?

Our air fresheners are only meant to be sprayed into the air, and they will effectively improve the scent of your environment due to their strong aromas.  Essentially, there is no need to spray them anywhere else, as you soon find out.  Just 2 or 3 spritzes into the air is enough to get the job done.

#1: Upholstered Furniture

We understand that our furniture can accumulate some of the strongest odors in the home, especially if we often spill food and beverages, or our pets use them to lounge.  But, the oils in our fresheners can stain your beloved couches, chairs, and cushions, being almost impossible to get out.  Your furniture is better off with a solid steam-cleaning which can be done with a steamer device or handled by a professional.

#2: Curtains

Similarly, curtains may stain if you use our air fresheners on them due to their oils.  The good news is that most curtains are easy to slip into the wash, which will freshen their aroma again.  Curtains can accumulate household odors, especially if you smoke indoors, so make sure to wash them regularly.

#3: Linens

Like all fabrics, linens can develop odors, and our bedsheets and towels are two things that we want to smell fresh and clean at all times.  Linens can, of course, be washed, and periodically sprayed with a designated linen spray before and after use.  Once again, we do not recommend spraying these materials with our air fresheners due to their oils which can stain, especially considering the fact that most linens are white.

#4: Kitchen Areas

While our air fresheners are naturally derived, some essential oils are perfectly safe to inhale but potentially toxic if ingested.  This means that you should be careful about spraying your kitchen, avoiding getting any of our product in your pots, pans and serving dishes, and onto surfaces where food is placed to be prepared. 

#5: Air Vents

Spraying our air fresheners into air vents may seem like a good idea, since the air that’s pushed out will carry the scent.  But, the oils can get into the mechanical components of your heating and cooling when you do this, and this can damage the materials and cause them to develop unwanted issues that pertain to how well they function. 

#6: Your Pets

DO NOT ever spray our products on your pets.  Many ingredients that are safe for us to inhale are toxic to pets and can not only irritate their skin but cause potentially deadly reactions if your pet tries to lick off the essential oils.

#7: Near a Flame

DO NOT spray our products near a flame, as this can cause the essential oils to release toxins into the air that are extremely harmful.  In fact, some ingredients may increase the fire, making it dangerous to be around.

#8: Radiators

Spraying our air freshener onto a radiator will cause the ingredients to burn and create an unpleasant burning smell throughout your home.

#9: Your Clothes

We really do not recommend using our air fresheners as perfumes or colognes, no matter how good they smell, because they can, again, stain the fabric of your clothing.

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