What’s the Difference Between an Air Freshener and an Odor Eliminator?

July 23, 2021 2 min read

What’s the Difference Between an Air Freshener and an Odor Eliminator?

When it comes to fragrances for the home, we all have different needs.  Some of us are fragrance enthusiasts who simply like to rotate between different scents to suit our changing moods.  Others are trying to mask odors from pets and other factors around the house. 

At Rasta Incense, we offer both air fresheners and odor eliminators to satisfy different needs.  Knowing the difference between these two products allows you to always get your money’s worth with a formula that’s fully capable of meeting your aroma-related demands.

Air Fresheners 

Our line of air fresheners comes in a huge variety of fragrance options.  The goal of any air freshener is to disperse an aroma throughout an enclosed space such as a car, office, or bedroom, to allow the entire room to smell in a way that’s favorable according to your preferences.  Air fresheners are meant to freshen the air, meaning that their formulas are typically lighter and more water-based.

A good air freshener has a thin consistency and an aroma profile that’s full and complex but not overwhelming to the senses.  While they can effectively benefit the smell of a room, they are not made to mask serious or persistent odors as their formulas and ingredients are lighter.

Note: Many companies use alcohol, but our air fresheners are alcohol-free.

Odor Eliminators

Odor eliminators are meant to mask odors first and foremost, while scenting your environment at the same time.  They also come in a huge array of scent options, as you’ll see when exploring the ones at Rasta Incense.  Odor eliminators must contain compounds that effectively negate odors of all kinds, ranging from pet smells to smells emanating from your kitchen, such a fried oil or cooked fish.  They are stronger in their scent, which means that they are more effective at hiding smells, while the formulas are also slightly thicker to effectively cancel out odors with stronger concentrations of fragrance ingredients.

Odor eliminators may contain additional ingredients like baking soda which neutralize smells in the air, although we believe that our carefully sourced and extracted plant compounds are more effective overall.

Which One to Choose for Your Aroma-Related Needs

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a problem with odors in their home, then an air freshener may be all that you need.  Because air fresheners are slightly lighter in smell strength, they may be better for those with sensitive noses.

Those who do deal with odors in the home will want to go for an odor eliminator, which can work harder to keep odors at bay while still giving your home a scent that can be intoxicating.

Rasta Incense Has Some Awesome Air Fresheners and Odor Eliminators That Will Make Your Home Smell Even Better!

All it takes to fill your favorite space, is to use your favorite scent in order to get hours of odor elimination.  And, at Rasta Incense, we offer both air fresheners and odor eliminators in strong, alcohol-free formulas with all-natural aroma ingredients.  These products work with just 2 or 3 sprays, lasting for a long time to suit your various fragrance-related goals both in the house and in other areas you frequent regularly.

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