Top 10 2021 Air Freshener Scents

July 12, 2021 5 min read

Top 10 2021 Air Freshener Scents

Here at Rasta Incense, we offer some of the finest air fresheners that you will find, all made with carefully sourced ingredients and available in a wide array of absolutely intoxicating fragrances.  We simply carry an air freshener fragrance for every need, ranging from decadently sweet aromas to earthy, masculine scents that are as complex as can be.

Sometimes, choosing the right air freshener can be a challenge, but we are here to help with this list of the absolute best available on our website.

#10:French Vanilla Air Freshener Spray Bottle

French Vanilla is a fragrance that just about everyone can get behind.  It’s warm, rich, creamy and seductive, instantly creating a vibe of luxury wherever you spray.  Never too sweet or overpowering, it introduces a mouthwatering aroma to your environment that makes you never want to leave the room.

French Vanilla offers a nuanced aroma profile with velvety vanilla cream as its top note.  A blend of earthy patchouli and invigorating woods fill out the middle, while rich vanilla bean acts as the base that ties everything together.

#9:Fresh Linen Air Freshener Spray Bottle

The smell of fresh linen can make even the dreariest environment smell fresh and clean, like a crisp breeze on a spring day.  Our Fresh Linen spray is certain to make you feel invigorated and refreshed, while you savor the smell of soothing natural materials that are never overpowering in any way.  This is the ultimate scent for anyone who wants their home to smell like a hotel.

Fresh Linen offers a top note of clean cotton, with comforting ozone acting as the middle of the profile.  The base is musk, which is a gentle musk that smells like fresh linen sheets right out of the dryer.

#8:Patchouli Air Freshener Spray Bottle

If you’re all about spicy, earthy patchouli, then our Patchouli Air Freshener is for you.  This is an unapologetic homage to that beloved fragrance that reminds many of their favorite sticks of exotic incense.  We have blended our patchouli with just the right amount of creamy vanilla to add an intriguing sweetness to the aroma profile.

This heavenly aroma delivers a blast of real patchouli essential oil as its top note, followed by even more patchouli as the middle note to round out the experience and maintain the dominance of this beloved scent.  Vanilla acts as the perfect base to keep the patchouli grounded and balance out its earthiness with a touch of creamy, rich sweetness.

#7:Dark Onyx Air Freshener Spray Bottle

For those who crave a little more complexity and intrigue, there is Dark Onyx, a truly one-of-a-kind aroma that consists of bright citrus, invigorating ozone, and deep n’ dark woods to keep your olfactory senses in a state of ecstasy and excitement.  It’s the type of aroma that will make all of your guests ask you what smells so good.

Dark Onyx utilizes ozone as its top note to fill your environment with one of the most beloved aromas found in mother nature.  Zesty citrus notes uplift the fragrance, acting as the perfect middle of the profile.  The base is a blend of exotic woods that add a luxurious touch to the overall scent.

#6:Hip Hop Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Our Hip Hop fragrance is enormously popular, and not only with hip hop fans.  This “freshie” scent instantly lifts the spirits with bright citrus, freshly cut grass and a dash of warm cinnamon to provide balance while grounding the zesty notes in the profile. 

The top note is lemon, which has an undeniable uplifting effect on the mood.  The middle notes are spicy cinnamon and fresh grass, which together create a totally unique type of scent that has a comforting feeling to it.  The bottom note is orange, which adds a hint of fruity sweetness that’s straight up irresistible.

#5:Army Man Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Drop and give us twenty!  One of our most complex scents is Army Man, which offers a masculine scent that keeps the nose intrigued due to its many layers that unveil themselves gradually as time goes on.  Spicy, leathery, herbaceous, and fruity, it’s pure decadence for the senses, while maintaining a rugged edge.

Top notes are cucumber and melon, with basil, geranium and sage acting as the perfect middle to give it a green aroma.  The bottom lingering notes are suede, musk, and woods.

#4:Sandalwood Air Freshener Spray Bottle

If woodsy fragrances are what you’re all about, then look no further than Sandalwood, which offers a complex yet harmonious blend of dark woods and rich vanilla, with just the right amount of musk to add to the nuance and depth of the aroma profile.

Cedarwood takes the lead as the top note, with musk and dark woods acting as the middle.  The base of the fragrance is a rich blend of sandalwood and warm vanilla.

#3:Super Hits Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Super Hits is a unique fragrance that’s fruity, floral, herbaceous, and woodsy all at once.  This allows for a layered and complex aroma which many of our customers describe as totally addictive.

The top notes are licorice, juicy fruits, and fresh, zesty citrus.  Middle notes are basil and fresh flowers, while the bottom note is cedarwood which prevents the aroma from becoming too sweet and fruity.  It’s got all the right scented tracks that any aroma DJ will certainly want to groove to.

#2:Chicago Cool Man Air Freshener Spray Bottle

One of our most sophisticated aroma profiles can be found in Chicago Cool Man, which is a delicate yet complex aroma that never leans too feminine or too masculine.  Citrusy bergamot takes center stage alongside ozone, with musk, floral notes and watercress acting as supporting players.

This Windy City aroma starts out with citrusy yet soothing bergamot along with fresh ozone that makes you feel like you’re breathing in mother nature.  Then comes a delicate blend of florals along with watercress to add some calming greenery.  Musk maintains its sturdiness as the base to keep everything balanced.

#1:Marley Air Freshener Spray Bottle

“Let’s get together and, feel alright!”  Well, change the word “feel” to “smell” and you get Marley, one of our most masculine fragrances, and it’s also our top-seller for good reason.  Its aroma profile is never too mature nor too playful and strikes the perfect balance with its many invigorating layers.

The top notes of Marley are citrusy bergamot and lime, followed by a blend of lily and cedarwood at the center.  Musk is the bottom note that adds intrigue to the overall aroma.

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