Should You Use Different Air Fresheners in the Home?

July 23, 2021 3 min read

Should You Use Different Air Fresheners in the Home?

All of us want a house that smells nice, and the easiest way to accomplish just that is by grabbing the high-quality, naturally scented Rasta Incense Air Freshener Spray Bottles.  Of course, as we offer a massive array of unique aroma options, choosing the best one for your needs can be a challenge, especially if you’re a fragrance enthusiast who enjoys a variety of scents. 

Is More Than One Scent Always Better?

That being said, you might wonder whether or not it is advisable to use a different air freshener scent for different rooms in the home.  Well, ultimately, that depends.

Depends on Your Preferences

First and foremost, it all comes down to personal preference.  It’s not like sticking to a single fragrance for the entire home is objectively better than scenting each room differently, so it’s all about what you prefer and how much variety you want in your house at any given time.  It can be quite nice to have a cohesive aroma that’s associated with your home, while it can be equally enjoyable to smell something different each time you enter a new room.

Depends on the Needs of Individual Household Members

You might want to use different scents for different rooms due to the distinctive preferences of each member of your household.  For instance, a delicate floral may satisfy your feminine sensibilities in your office, while a more masculine, woodsy fragrance is more appropriate for your husband’s hangout space.

Depends on Your Pets

Some fragrances are more suitable to your pets’ preferences than others.  For instance, pets tend to despise citrus, but may enjoy herbaceous scents like lavender and sage.  So, if there is a room your pets really like to hang out in, you may want to use a different fragrance to suit their specific tastes.

Depends on the Size of Your Home

The larger the home, the easier it is to allow each room to smell differently.  A very small house may mean that the fragrances bleed into each other as they all project quite far.  This can be a good or bad thing depending on how much you like certain blends of two of our individual fragrance options.

Depends on the Layout of Your Home

If you have an open-concept home, it can be challenging to make each room smell differently.  The more open your space is, the less likely it is that each room will maintain its own distinctive aroma profile.

Depends on the Different Odors in Your Home

Some rooms maintain stronger odors than others – this is especially true of the kitchen and bathroom.  For these rooms, a stronger air freshener may be necessary to mask odors, while other rooms of the house smell neutral and therefore can allow for lighter scents.

Depends on the Strength of the Air Freshener

The stronger the aroma of the air freshener, the more you’ll smell it throughout the home even if you only sprayed one room.  Therefore, if you’re going to scent each room differently, it may be helpful to stick to lighter fragrances.  This means going easy on the patchouli and vanilla, and opting for florals, citrus fruits and herbs.  Again, it comes down to the size of each room and the layout of the home as well.

The Scented Choice is Yours!

Ultimately, how you want to scent your home is a completely personal decision, but if you do wish to scent each room differently, you can do so with the generous variety of scents that we offer at Rasta Incense.  We encourage you to experiment with different fragrances in different rooms to figure out which ones best suit your needs throughout the home.

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