Best Floral-Scented Air Fresheners

July 11, 2021 2 min read

Best Floral-Scented Air Fresheners

Here at Rasta Incense, we carry one of the largest selections of air fresheners around.  Not only that, but our air fresheners are made with natural ingredients that are cleaner, fresher, and more complex than the average product you’ll find on the market.  If florals are what you want to smell throughout your home, then you have come to the right place, as these best-selling floral air freshener fragrances must be added to your home today!

#5:Sensual Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Sensual lives up to its name with a sophisticated yet uplifting blend of seductive floral aromas, lovingly blended with aromatic fruits and rich notes of woods.  This aroma is complex and will leave your home smelling heavenly without ever becoming cloying.

The top notes are peach, apricot, coconut, and mandarin orange, acting as a complex accord that has sweetness, creaminess, and a hint of tartness.  Rose, tuberose, and lily of the valley add a seductive quality, with balsam, sandalwood, and other woods, blended with creamy, floral orris root acting as the perfect base.

#4:Nag Champa Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Our Nag Champa fragrance offers a familiar aroma profile that’s complex and classified as an oriental.  A blend of exotic flowers and woods keeps the senses in a state of intrigue as the exotic accord adds an air of mystery and sophistication to any room.

The top notes are frangipani and orchid, with rose and patchouli filling out the middle and adding a sensualness to the overall aroma.  The base note is sandalwood which seals the deal as a glorious oriental profile.

#3:New Car Air Freshener Spray Bottle

New Car is a fresh, floral, and aquatic scent complete with lush green notes, heady florals, and uplifting citrus.  In spite of its complexity and nuance, it’s easy on the nose with its balance and harmony, meaning that it’s never overpowering and always agreeable.

The top notes are light florals and marine notes that smell like the sea.  A blend of bright citrus and dark woods ground each other in the middle of the profile, while cedar and balsam add a comforting nature as the base.

#2:Lavender Air Freshener Spray Bottle

If you’re going for calming vibes, Lavender is a blissful choice.  Soothing lavender offers its tranquil touch while supported by earthy musk and an array of floral notes that elevate this scent into something spectacularly luxurious, yet capable of transforming any environment into a spa.

Pure, clean lavender dominates as the top note, with supporting florals rounding things out in the middle of the profile.  A musky base grounds the aroma and keeps it from being too delicate.

#1:Rose Air Freshener Spray Bottle

The smell of rose is the aroma of decadence, and we have bottled that decadence to provide you with an alluringly luxurious fragrance you’ll find yourself craving all day long for.  This rose scent is true to the flower, with supporting players that round it out.

The top notes are green, offering you the sensation of walking through a lush garden after the rain.  Rose is the middle note, anchoring the profile with its seductive floral qualities.  At the base is a gentle musk that adds a hint of earthiness to the aroma.

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