Best 2021 Summertime Air Fresheners

July 11, 2021 4 min read

Best 2021 Summertime Air Fresheners

Summer is in full swing, and at Rasta Incense, we have your fragrance needs covered with a variety of high-quality, natural air freshener aromas that are inspired by the fresh scents of the season.  These air fresheners can lift your spirits all summer long by ensuring that no matter where you are, you can bask in the glory of divine aromas.

In fact, our air freshener fragrances have those seasonal profiles that can instantly bring back your favorite summer memories.  So, check out these awesome summertime air fresheners that we think are truly “hot” and “cool” at the same time!

#10:Lick Me Over & Over Freshener Spray Bottle

For fans of fruity florals, there is Lick Me Over & Over, which offers a bold feminine scent that’s nothing short of intoxicating.  It lives up to its name with a blend of fruits so appetizing you’ll want to lick the air.

The top notes consist of a cornucopia of fresh fruits elevated by bright and zesty citrus.  The middle notes are violet and jasmine, which add a seductive quality to the aroma profile.  Then comes the base of raspberry, cantaloupe and watermelon which screams summer with each whiff.

#9:Pomegranate Air Freshener Spray Bottle

There is nothing quite as sensual as a blend of dark red fruits and warm, creamy vanilla.  Our Pomegranate Air Freshener boasts just that, with natural fruity scents blended with the finest vanilla that we could get our hands on.  It’s quite an intoxicating scent that can put you in the mood.

The top note is fresh pomegranate, with its exotic burst of sweetness and just a hint of tartness.  Then comes rich and juicy berries that add fruity complexity, followed by a comforting and luxurious vanilla base that’s rich and warm.

#8:Coconut Air Freshener Spray Bottle

If tropical scents are your jam, Coconut is the fragrance for you.  It has that exotic blend of notes that will make you feel like no matter where you are, you’re being transported to a gorgeous beach on a beautiful island.  Coconut acts as the star while complementary tropical notes surround it.

The top note is a blend of creamy, sweet, and smooth coconut blended with other tropical fruits.  The middle notes consist of more tropical fruits alongside floral lilac.  The base is powdery, which balances out the sweetness beautifully.

#7:Berry Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Berry Air pays homage to the glorious and plump fruits that await us every summer.  This berry-dominant aroma is balanced out delicately with the bright and uplifting notes of mandarin oranges, creating a fruity accord that’s as complex as it is appetizing.

Berry Air offers a blend of orchard-fresh berries as its top note, with the juiciness so sublime your mouth may very well water.  Bold cherries support the top notes and add a hint of magnificent tartness, followed by a mandarin orange base that adds to the complexity and grounds the entire scent profile.

#6:Watermelon Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Most of us dream of bright and juicy watermelons all summer long, so it is only natural that our Watermelon scent would be enormously popular throughout the season.  This watermelon fragrance is anything but one-dimensional, balanced to perfection with a floral accord and complementary fruits reminiscent of the summertime.

The top note of this fragrance consists of juicy watermelon blended delicately with other seasonal melons, with the middle note offering up warm, juicy and ripe peach to add some tang and sweetness.  The base note offers an array of florals that make you feel like summer has truly arrived.

#5:Coco Mango Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Yet another stunning option for topical lovers is Coco Mango, offering a more complex profile that will keep the olfactory senses intrigued and in a state of absolute adoration.  The exotic fruity notes are elevated by sweet cane sugar and banana to act as a decadent treat you’ll become addicted to.

The top note consists of creamy and rich coconut, with fresh mango slices at the middle acting as an anchor.  Velvety sugar cane and banana leaf ground the base.

#4:Ocean Breeze Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Ocean Breeze is simultaneously decadent and refreshing enough to mellow you out on the hottest day of the year.  A blend of seductive jasmine, fresh fruits, and sophisticated musk allows for a scent that you’ll want to smell all day long!

Zesty citrus and crisp apple provide an uplifting top accord, followed by jasmine acting as a solid middle note.  The base is pure musk that uplifts the mood and adds some maturity to the overall profile.

#3:Hawaiian Blue Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Say Aloha to Hawaiian Blue!  It’s like breathing in the fresh Hawaiian air, with tropical notes intertwined with delicate florals to offer a fresh yet complex aroma that transports you immediately.

The top note for this fragrance is pure, creamy coconut, with the middle notes consisting of pineapple and other tropical fruits.  The bottom notes are lily of the valley blended with sweet, exotic florals.

#2:Tropical Mango Air Freshener Spray Bottle

Your next aroma escape should be with Tropical Mango, a sensational delight that’s certain to make all five senses feel euphoric while letting you envision gorgeous beaches.  It’s a sophisticated take on a tropical aroma profile that never becomes cloying.

Mango acts as the perfect top note with its bold sweetness and tang.  Philippines Mango adds more complexity with its darker aroma, alongside papaya to fill out the middle.  The vanilla base is as seductive as it gets.

#1:Summer Breeze Air Freshener Spray Bottle

If you want to feel that warm breeze in your home, grab Summer Breeze!  This is our top seller this time of year, with sophistication and complexity alongside just enough playfulness to elevate your mood.

At the top of this aromatic profile is sweet, zesty nectarine that has a juiciness to it that keeps you fully engaged.  Apple and orange add crispness and more brightness to the fragrance, with the bottom note consisting of sweet floral violet.

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